Customized Solutions

How we work with you

Developing an aircraft is hard and requires people with a plethora of skills and experience. allocortech can augment your team with our industry experience to move from understanding your project goals to delivering on them.

Embedded Software

Once you have hardware, you need to make it do something. allocortech can help write everything from state machines and protocol parsers all the way to full executives. If desired, allocortech can leverage its existing frameworks and integrations to speed your time to market.

Control System Components

If your requirements call for a novel or repackaged compute platform, sensor, actuator, or other small electronic or electromechanical device, we can identify existing solutions, or work with you to create something from scratch.

Verification and Validation

For avionics software and hardware verification and validation activities, allocortech can help develop hardware in the loop test platforms, abstractions for software in the loop testing, code and requirements coverage tooling, and documentation.

Electronics Design, Manufacturing, Assembly

allocortech’s engineers collectively have more than 50 years of experience engineering small electronic devices for aviation and rail applications. Robust, fault tolerant, and environmentally qualified requirements do not phase us. allocortech will work closely with customers starting at conceptual design through low volume manufacturing to ensure you get what you want.

Safety-critical Architecture Design

allocortech can help guide you through the complexities involved in aircraft level redundancy layouts. Tradeoffs like dual vs triple string, median vs consensus voting, fail stop vs independent monitor; we’ve been there and are able to give insight why an aircraft wants one over the other, and can identify the hardware needed to implement whatever design ends up meeting your requirements.

Custom Solutions

We are eager to cater our solutions to your specific application.  Please reach out to see how we can help.

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