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Developing an aircraft is hard and requires people with a plethora of skills and experience. allocortech can elevate your team with our industry experience to move from understanding your project goals to delivering on them.

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“allocortech’s products have enabled the rapid development of an entire avionics system—both hardware and software—for a real-life seaglider technology demonstrator.”
Billy Thalheimer / CoFounder & CEO, Regent

Our Capabilities

Embedded Software

Accelerate your time to market by leveraging allocortech’s existing frameworks, integrations, and staff to create new drivers, protocol handlers, state machines, and executives.


Increase flexibility by working closely with allocortech to specify new or repackaged; robust, fault tolerant, and environmentally qualified; compute, sensing, actuation, or other small electrical or electromechanical device.

Electric Powertrains

Release your vehicle’s potential by utilizing allocortech’s experience in creating custom battery management, power conversion, power generation, and motor control devices.

Safety-Critical Design

Understand the tradeoffs in redundancy strategies and safety domain cutting by having design and review sessions with allocortech’s in house experts. We can then help develop requirements to identify hardware and software solutions.

Verification and Validation

Unlock good testing practices by consulting with allocortech about requirements and test case development, utilizing our software test tool chain, and having us create hardware test platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will allocortech remix and combine their existing solutions to my needs?

Yes, absolutely! If allocortech’s existing commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) offerings do not meet your requirements, we will work with you to determine the best path forward. We consider our intellectual property library and in-house knowledge to be one of our strongest assets. We generally estimate 8 to 12 weeks to develop new hardware, and two weeks to bring up the basic hardware abstraction layer.

What if my vehicle needs different communications interfaces or voltage levels?

Our products are designed around the most common communications protocols but we can accommodate customers’ specific needs as well. For prototype purposes, we can work with you to determine if there are in-harness or other adapter solutions to ensure your vehicle arrives on time and on budget. For production vehicles, we are happy to discuss creating specific variants of products, or selling the bare boards, for further integration and modification.

Does allocortech integrate with other vendor products?

allocortech prides itself on having an open software development kit (SDK) that allows you to customize the software to your needs. Additionally, with appropriate NDAs in place, we can participate in system/vehicle integration allowing customers to leverage our software expertise for better on-time delivery. allocortech also has a large and growing selection of integrations available in our SDK that is available for licensing.

Can allocortech repackage and reconnectorize existing products?

allocortech is happy to work with you to repackage any piece of electronics, ours or otherwise, to fit into your weight and size requirements. We also have experience in weatherizing solutions by repackaging and selecting environmental connectors.

Who owns the resulting intellectual property (IP)?

allocortech offers both a work-for-hire arrangement, whereby you own the resulting IP except for our existing background IP (for which you would obtain a license); and a shared license model, whereby we can negotiate reduced costs for including new modules into our SDK.

How can we reduce the cost of the solution?

As a small business with low overhead, allocortech’s development costs are already lower than many of our competitors. However, we are open to discussing the possibility of a shared license of any developed IP.

Do allocortech products have a path to certification?

allocortech’s future roadmap includes certification to DO-160 and DO-178 standards. We design our products to align with validation and verification requirements in the mechanical, electrical, and software domains. Where possible, we select third party software that has some level of support for certification. allocortech is waiting for a pilot customer to inform the specific design assurance levels and other requirements before we commence on a formal certification program.

Can we write our own software to run on your platforms?

Yes! One of allocortech’s differentiators is that all of our platforms and source code are open for you to modify as needed. Our software license is fairly permissive in that we allow reuse of the SDK as long as it’s used on, or for support of, our products. One time purchase of our software is an option, with an annual fee required only if basic software maintenance is desired.

“Using allocortech’s avionics hardware and accompanying software stack, we were able to get our prototype electric hydrofoil boat “flying” in less time than I’ve ever seen a similarly complex project take flight.”

Dr. Kenny Jensen

Lead Flights Control Engineer, Navier

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