Engineering safety-critical systems enabling next generation vehicles for air, land and sea.

allocortech can provide COTS or bespoke solutions to customers with quick turnaround times.

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allocortech is on the leading edge of innovative next-generation vehicle design for land, air, and sea.

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allocortech provides quick-turn product and design solutions to enable the next generation of accessible and ubiquitous air travel.

Comet FTS

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Clio Series B

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Taurus C60

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Clio Series B

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With specializations ranging from system architecture to detailed design of electronics and software, our competencies span a wide range of electrical and software arenas: system design, subsystem development, software, and electronic hardware.

commercial off-the-shelf products

Technologies serving as the tailwinds enabling flight for tomorrow’s airborne industries.

allocortech offers a portfolio of existing products designed to meet common requirements of core avionics systems. Think power conversion & storage, flight & motor control, edge compute, and more.

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custom hardware and software solutions

Airborne and maritime vehicles are evolving.

allocortech can quickly provide low-cost custom hardware designs, customized versions of existing products, and integrate new hardware into existing designs. Where needed, requirements, test cases, simulators, and hardware-in-the-loop environments can be created.

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system design and consulting services

We’ve worked hard to make this look easy. It isn’t.

allocortech leverages years of avionics industry knowledge to evolve customers’ projects towards certification or expansion of capabilities. Additionally, our expertise allows us to guide our customers’ early-stage projects through their design phases and beyond.

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