What we do

allocortech provides products for and expertise around avionics, control systems, and general embedded systems applications of various flavors.

Primary areas of subject-matter expertise include:

    • Safety-critical control system architecture design
    • Control system component designs (compute platforms, sensors, actuators, etc.)
    • Verification and validation systems and strategies (HILSim, software abstraction layers, etc.)
    • Electronics design, manufacturing, assembly, and testing for specialized or general embedded platforms
    • Software/firmware design for specialized or general embedded platforms

Our Competencies

With specializations ranging from system architecture to detailed design of electronics, our competencies span a wide range of electrical and software arenas, including:

System Design

    • System safety design and analysis practices (eg. ARP4761)
    • Robust, fault tolerant system/subsystem design for safety critical applications
    • Architecture and system design road-mapping for multi-phased development
    • HILSim architecture and system design for automated system testing
    • General system design support

Subsystem Development

    • Electro-mechanical device designs (e.g. Servos, BLDC motor control, etc.)
    • Battery management and power system devices
    • Sensing devices including LIDARs, radars, inertial (IMU), navigation (GPS/INS), airdata, and cameras
    • General high-performance embedded compute platforms for real-time control
    • Communication devices including Ethernet, CAN, RS-232/422/485
    • Customized single-board computer (SBC) integrations for various applications (e.g. logging, custom displays, etc.)


    • Embedded Linux general and specialized deployments
    • RTOS and bare metal experience on extensive CPU/MCU set
      • PowerPC, ARM (Cortex-a/r/m), AVR, PIC, Blackfin, 8051
    • Embedded systems development toolchain customization and deployment
      • Low-level tailoring to reduce reliance on third-party tools
      • Leverage low-cost and flexible base-level tools for development and deployment
    • C/C++ development for embedded targets
    • Build system development for multi-platform environments
    • Abstraction frameworks for improved efficiency
      • Improved test coverage and reusability
      • Reduced platform migration effort
    • Linux scripting using bash, golang, python, and ruby
    • Robust software workflow for reliable, scalable, and secure development and deployment
      • Issue management, revision control, unit testing, regression testing, and continuous integration via on-prem hardware and/or Google Cloud Platform
      • GitLab, GitHub, the Atlassian suite, and various other collaboration tools

Electronic Hardware

    • Full design cycle from concept to manufacture for electronic systems
      • Device conceptualization based on needs and requirements
      • Parts selection and trade studies
      • Schematic Capture and PCB Layout
      • Device bring-up and design verification
      • Manufacturing tools/fixtures and automation
      • CM interactions for production ramp up
    • Well-versed in tools for electronics testing and analysis
      • Measurement Devices: oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, multimeters, etc.
      • Excitation Devices: power supplies, signal generators, etc.
      • Qualification Testing: DO-160, MIL-810/461 equipment and procedures
    • Well-versed in many communication standards
      • SPI, I2C, Memories, Ethernet, CAN, RS-232/422/485, etc.