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allocortech offers commercial off-the-shelf products that we can quote “as is” or modify to your aircraft’s unique needs. All products come with an open-platform C++ software development kit enabling customization for project-specific requirements.

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CLIO SERIES B: Command, Communications, and Power Hub

The Clio is a computation, communications, and power distribution hub designed to trade off electronics vs harness weight in a hub and spoke system. Depending on client needs the Clio can be just a low power data and power switch, or a high power flight computer.

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Comet: E-Stop and Flight Termination

Comet is a radio-linked remote-stop or flight termination system with digital, pyrotechnic, CAN-FD, serial, and Ethernet outputs. Designed to ensure no single failure shall cause termination, Comet comes with dual redundant processing and redundant termination circuits.

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Taurus C60: BLDC Motor Controller

The Taurus C60 is a high power, high efficiency BLDC motor controller that speaks in more than just pulses! This controller implements full FOC/SVPWM for highly efficient operation up to 6kW peak power and provides isolated CAN 2.0 and RS-485 communications, giving you more feedback and control of your propulsion system. All of this in an IP67 package with robust connector interfaces.

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Lohner: Smart Battery

The Lohner Smart Battery couples a high energy density LiPo battery with full-featured monitoring and control system to provide high-availability standby power for your mission-critical system. This compact package with rugged power and communication connectors is suitable for installation almost anywhere.

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Hornet: Air Data Sensor Hub

The Hornet sensor hub offers a fully integrated sensor solution in a small, robust, affordable package. Powered by an ARM® Cortex®-M4 processor, the Hornet boasts 32-bit, 180MHz performance with both DSP and FPU instructions, providing for real-time sensor data processing and reporting. An open-platform C++ SDK allows the Hornet to be configured to your exact requirements.

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Taurus AE: BLDC Motor Controller

The Taurus motor controller enables customized control loops and tuning, along with bi-directional communications to give your system more advanced control and monitoring. The Taurus AE provides motor sensors for slow-speed and alignment/parking support.

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