BLDC Motor Controller

Taurus 400 Series

The Taurus 400 series is a set advanced high voltage, high power, extremely efficient BLDC motor controllers. Because each advanced vehicle has unique requirements, Taurus 400 solutions are customized for each end user. Due to the complex needs of high power vehicles, these controllers utilize Silicon Carbide FETs which enable advanced power switching technology.

Product Information
Efficient High Power

The Taurus 400 series implements full four quadrant Field Oriented Control (FOC) through Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation (SVPWM) to achieve exceptional motor controller efficiency in the nominal operating range. The controller also supports overmodulation to maximize peak power output of the motor drive. The Taurus 400 is designed for the following key performance capabilities:

  • Designed for up to 96S (403.2V) operation
  • ±120A RMS Peak*
  • ±100A Continuous Operation*

*Based on a single FET power stage. Multi FET power stages are also available for increased capability.

Highly Flexible Design

The Taurus 400 series supports various hardware interfaces for communication as well as commutation and alignment support. These interfaces can be used for simple comms, or configurations with pitch control servos, etc. The entire software stack for the Taurus is built on the available source licensed allocore SDK, allowing fully tailored applications for customer control, comms, and other needs.

  • Isolated CAN 2.0 Comms
  • Isolated RS-485 Comms
  • Hall/QEP sensor interfaces
Advanced Control

Four quadrant control around a 40KHz current control loop allows custom fast closed-loop control on speed, torque, voltage, power, or other more advanced modes.

Make Your Motors Smarter

Fixed mapping sensorless open-loop PWM throttle based ESCs are a thing of the past. The Taurus motor controller enables customized control loops and tuning, along with bi-directional communications to give your system more advanced control and monitoring. Taurus adds in sensored motor capabilities for slow-speed and alignment/parking support.

Hybrid Generation

Four quadrant control means Taurus 400 controllers support full regen capabilities. Not only does this mean active regenerative braking, but moreover, the Taurus 400 can be mated with a generator system to provide the basis of a hybrid electric powertrain.


Currently, there is no OTS version of the Taurus 400 because all current variants have been developed to meet specific end user requirements. Taurus 400 hardware IP can be tailored to fit into customer designated spaces such as winglets, booms, motor housings, etc. Additionally, implementations for lower voltage/power have also been realized. Please contact us to get more information on how we can customize a Taurus 400 for your electric or hybrid electric powered vehicle.

Performance Specifications

Input Voltage

80V – 600V

Current Rating (DC)

120A Peak
100A Continuous

Recommended Max RPM
12 Pole Pairs
10 Pole Pairs
7 Pole Pairs

40kHz Control

Update Rate

Up to 1kHz



1x CAN 2.0
1x RS-485


Serial ports offer ±400V isolation voltage (when connected using the supplied floating-ground pin)



Varies with customization but normally under 1 lb


Varies with customization

Document Number



Taurus 400 Electrical and Physical Interface Control Document (PDF) (coming soon)