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The REGENT Seaglider vehicle, built around allocortech avionics products, hit a monumental milestone achieving its first wing-born flight! This is a huge milestone for them, and for allocortech!

The Seaglider avionics suite is centered around allocortech products and software framework, with the core being around four (4) of our Clio B products. Each of these Clios run custom software collaboratively developed by REGENT and allocortech, built on the allocore SDK, and perform various duties including all flight control law, multi-radio interface management, vehicle state machine, actuator communications, sensor interfaces, vehicle health monitoring, and assorted other tasks pivotal for vehicle function. Another key element of this craft are the eight (8) propulsion motors, which are all driven by allocortech Taurus C60 motor controllers, giving real time active control and monitoring each of the motors.

The craft also utilizes our Comet and Hornet products, as well as some more tailored solutions to support their battery system needs, including lesser known Tracer and Javelin products.

We’re really excited for REGENT and look forward to continuing to support them on their future needs on this Seaglider and their future vehicles! Even more ways allocortech accelerates advanced aircraft development!

allocortech team

allocortech team

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