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Over the past 18 months or so, several clients came to us and expressed the need for a robust motor controller to operate higher powered motors than our flagship Taurus C60 can handle. As we evaluated these inquiries we realized there is a rapidly growing demand for better high voltage motor control options tailored to UAS applications. This drove us to develop the Taurus LX-400 motor controller.


The LX-400 is based on our advanced field oriented control (FOC) motor control technologies and proven Taurus architecture. It is designed to operate at up to 400VDC and deliver upwards of 20kW of power output. To date, on our newly developed dynamometer testing infrastructure, we have been able to demonstrate LX-400 operation to nearly 15kW at 330VDC and we will continue to push this envelope to reach our final goal. We plan to have this new motor controller fully operational and tested by the end of Q1 2024.


Most Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) platforms will need robust and reliable high power motor controllers and we believe the Taurus LX-400 could be the solution that powers them. Please contact us at for more information.