Commercially Available Products

Amitron DC/DC Power Distribution Hub

The Amitron is a 1200W high voltage DC to 28V/12V DC converter with a lithium ion backup battery and support for 19 individually e-fused outputs.


Clio Communications Platform

The Clio is a computation, communications, and power distribution hub designed to trade off electronics vs harness weight in a hub and spoke system. Depending on client needs the Clio can be just a low power data and power switch, or a high power flight computer.

Series B

The Clio Series B is based around a STM32H7 and Xilinx Spartan 7 and normally runs FreeRTOS with lwIP integration. With 4 power inputs feeding up to 20A into 3 independent power rails, an auxiliary 3A buck, 9 e-fused power outputs, 15 CAN/RS-485 serial channels, 2 Ethernet ports, isolated general purpose IO, and 3 analog inputs; the Clio Series B is allocortech's most capable product to date. In order to leverage the Clio Series B, users will be provided with allocortech's board support and application framework so that they can focus only on the customization's they require.


Series A

The Clio Series A is based around a Sitara A8 and capable of running Linux, the Clio can handily link together Ethernet, CAN, and serial networks while distributing up to 7.5A of power.


Comet Flight Termination System

The Comet Flight Termination System is a dual lane voted radio system with two independent current or voltage termination outputs with CAN and Ethernet communication capability. A socketed radio design means that the targeted radio band can be any of licensed 400MHz, unlicensed 800~950MHz, or unlicensed 2400MHz.


Hornet Air Data Attitude Heading Reference System

The Hornet is a small low cost ADAHRS designed as a redundant sensing solution for everything from mid sized UAVs to large aircraft.


Tercel Flight Computer

The Tercel flight computer embeds a PX4 compatible processor along side an RTK capable GPS.